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About us

Shopping centre Čajka-Prague started its activities in May 1993. Centre Čajka-Prague is the succeeding company of Čajka which was established in 1971. Shopping centre took over entire activities of Čajka and continues with business activities that have a tradition of more than thirty years.

At present time, the activities of shopping centre Čajka-Prague are focused mainly on foreigners visiting Prague (centre is located between Venceslaus and Old Town Square). Assortment that is imported from many countries of the world will be surely appreciated by Czech customers as well. The main pillar of our business policy are low prices. Low prices are ensured by purchase in bulk which is favourable to every customer.

A few years ago shopping centre Čajka-Prague established a very close co-operation with one of the most important domestic manufacturers of crystal lights and became the company outlet.

With regard to activities of the shopping centre and the focus of business, Čajka-Prague is still the effective component on the commercial map in the centre of Prague.

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