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Crystal chandeliers manufacturing

Manufacture of crystal chandeliers in the Czech Republic has a tradition of many years. In 1724 a glass cutter Josef Palme received a permission to manufacture chandeliers and consequently in a small village Prácheň was opened a workshop where chandeliers were made. Original Czech crystal was free of lead with clear undistorted refraction of the light. Crystal including lead was introduced when it was found out that addition of lead monoxide improves the optical quality. The presence of lead softens glass and thus enables easier engraving and cutting. Lead causes refraction of the light and therefore light rays going through glass have rainbowlike colours. Lead crystal includes more than 24% of lead monoxide.

A few years ago Čajka-Prague company established a very close co-operation with one of the biggest and most important Czech manufacturers of crystal lights. And thus we gained the possibility to considerably widen the range of offered lights and spare parts. At present time, the customer can change individual parts of the light or possibly design configuration of the light according to his idea. Every light can have nickel finish and trimmings, arms and other parts can be changed. It is also much easier to supply spare parts according to customers' requests. No issue is unsolvable beforehand.

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